Amazing Things To Know About “Move-In-Ready” Houses (A 5-Minute Read)

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Amazing Things To Know About “Move-In-Ready” Houses (5 Minute)

When a house is labeled “move-in-ready”, it means that the house is ready to live in immediately. It means that everything in the house works and is in pristine condition. If something, however little or huge, is not to your liking then it is not move-in ready. Move-in ready houses require zero work or just cosmetic remodeling to call it your home.

Move-in ready houses are homes that are livable and without any foreseen repairs or delays which can prevent the buyer from moving in immediately. Except for the updates that are from the buyer’s to-do list.

A house can be move-in ready if remodeled and furnished to modern taste. Regardless, there can still be minor imperfections which is why they say that move-in-ready houses are for the open-minded.

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So, why are people opting for move-in-ready houses?

1. It saves them the time and stress of renovation.

2. Buyers can save the money they would have spent on renovating a house to be in a livable condition before moving in.

3. It gives you the leverage of moving in quickly if you are in urgent need of a house.

4. Move-in ready houses are economical, you get the house on the same budget as most houses that need repairs. The only challenge is that you may not have everything to your own taste and design but you can live with that if you wish to save yourself money and stress.

Are move-in ready houses easy to find?

Move-in ready houses are full of benefits but they’re not the easiest to find in today’s market. This is because people value neighborhoods more than the intricacies of the house itself. So, finding a move-in-ready house in a neighborhood you want can be a challenge.

The neighborhood you are contemplating may not have recently constructed houses. In such a neighborhood, you will be unlikely to find a move-in-ready house without doing some remodeling.

When you have your eye on a neighborhood and you want a move-in-ready house there, you must be specific to your agent about what you want. Your specifications may need to be amended based on your budget or the neighborhood you have in mind.

Appealing neighborhoods with renovated buildings are expensive and often located on the outskirt of town. This means you will have to make a long drive to get there.  All these should be factored into consideration.

Neighborhoods with modern houses are expensive. If houses in the neighborhood you want are over your budget, you can find a more affordable neighborhood with potential for property growth.

Alternatively, you can construct a move-in-ready house from scratch in your desired neighborhood. This way, the house will be to your taste. Another option would be to purchase an almost completed building and incorporate your custom updates, making it a move-in-ready house.

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move-in-ready house

What makes a house move-in-ready?

There are things that should be in perfect working condition before a house can be labeled move-in ready. If these facilities are working, then it is move-in ready. Such facilities are:

1. The electrical and plumbing of the house should be up to date in a move-in ready house. A house with old models of either electrical or plumbing materials cannot be viewed as a move-in ready house.

2. Roofs and windows should still have long sustainability to them. They may not be bad or damaged but if the life span is up to a certain amount like 30 years then the house cannot be seen as move-in ready because they can get damaged at any time.

3. The heating and cooling system must be in working condition like the AC, heater, etc. If they need to be replaced then the house is not move-in ready.

4. The kitchen has to be in full function capacity, it may not be glittering with a fancy island but it has to be fully stocked with appliances and working faucets to be called move-in ready.

5. Bathrooms and flooring conditions can do all the tricks, once the hardwood or carpeted floors are free of damage and warping then it is move-in ready. The same goes for the bathrooms, they must not be classy and luxurious to be move-in ready. As long as the water pressure is alright, the drains are free, it flushes well with no leaks amongst other things, then it is move-in ready.

6. The painting is totally up to the buyer, the house doesn’t need to be freshly painted but the walls don’t have to be green either because that can be repulsing. If the color is neutral with no marks on the walls then the house is move-in ready.

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